Sugar Free September

Sugar Free September

Are you looking for an opportunity to try a sugar free lifestyle- then here it is! Sugar FREE September…& just to be clear, we are referring to all added, refined sugars.

Sugar free September has caught on fast, with many people giving up the sweet stuff in search of a clearer mindset, improved focus & better overall health & well-being. Here at Verve For Life we have also ditched refined sugar for a cleaner way of living & would love you to join us.

If you are searching for the willpower to curb your sugar intake, maybe the benefits listed below will convince you to try it out for a month…maybe you’ll adopt it for life (mostly). Firstly, let’s start by talking about why you should give up refined sugar.

This is a question you should ask yourselves at the beginning of your sugar free journey, & it really is a personal one. Each of us are different & unique & so, our goals are varied. Maybe you just don’t “feel” great, you’d like to lose weight or you want to gain more mental clarity. These are all great reasons to give up the white stuff.

It’s time to look at those benefits we keep talking about. Have a look & then decide for yourself…to us, it’s a no brainer. Of course, we do understand that kicking this unhealthy habit is tough, however it does get easier. Here are just a few reasons to motivate you to try sugar free for the next month.

Weight loss- eliminating or cutting back on the amount of sugar you consume can lead to weight loss & the ability to maintain it. Plus, you’ll look & feel fabulous!

Improve your mental clarity- research indicates that sugar has been shown to contribute to that “fogginess” we sometimes experience. It is usually accompanied by negative thoughts, nervousness, anxiety & depression.

Higher, sustainable energy levels- excess sugar can rob you of your energy & leave you feeling lethargic. Instead choose sugar free foods to fuel your brain & body so that you get through your day with a bounce in your step.

Get rid of aches & pains – sugar triggers chemical reactions in your body that increase the inflammation. If you choose less sugar, you know what that means? Less inflammation…which leads to less pain. Ahh…it’s a win, win situation!

These are just a few reasons as to how removing refined sugars could benefit you. It’s been a life changing decision for many of us here at Verve, and we can recommend many great resources if you want to educate yourself further on this popular topic.

A good place to start this September is to pick the most sugary food you eat and start by just cutting that out, be it soft drink, chocolate, lollies or maybe a sugary cereal (swap it for oats). Take that first step towards healthier lifestyle.