Gym Junkies – it’s time to get bendy!

Gym Junkies – it’s time to get bendy!

Gym junkies – pay attention! You know who you are…

Sometimes it’s hard to say YES to yoga & no to yet another amazing WOD, right?! You say, “ahh, I’ll do yoga on the weekend” but what you really mean is “I’ll wait & see what the workout looks like before deciding”. We understand as we too have experienced this, however, yoga is awesome! Like really awesome. So amazing & something we firmly believe should be a part of everyones weekly dose of exercise, stretching, breathing, meditation & all of the above! 

So today, we are talking directly to all of you who, like us, often wag yoga for some more lifting, more running, more rowing…more of anything other than yoga. You – please read on…

Here it is, straight up, no B.S. Reasons to get yourselves in to the yoga studio.

  • It’s fun to get bendy! (…this also helps in the bedroom, or the kitchen, variety is the spice of life!)
  • It increases body awareness & boosts your mind-body connection.
  • You’ll notice improvements in your range of movement which will allow you to get deeper in your squats, a little lower in your deadlift & closer to your chest to bars. Yay! 
  • Your core strength will increase allowing greater support during your lifts, plus you’ll have awesome abs of steel.
  • It will give you a greater sense of balance & no, we aren’t just talking about developing a physical balance or training your stabiliser muscles throughout the body. Even though Yoga is excellent for this, we mean it will help calm your mind & balance the nervous system which is often put under stress when lifting heavy weights.
  • Better mobility – need we say more?!
  • Develop greater flexibility & strength in stretched positions which will transfer into movements you often need to get yourself into with load in the gym
  • Yoga can be a great way to prevent injury & combat general muscle soreness that we often get from high intensity training. Yoga is like detox for the body helping to flush out excess lactic acid from your muscles.
  • You will learn how to breathe…ahhh! 

Did we mention you should do (more) yoga? Check out our extensive timetable to get your practice started.