Wrap Up – Injury Prevention & Management

Wrap Up – Injury Prevention & Management

Last month saw the second installment of our Injury Prevention & Management barefoot seminar series hosted by Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and CrossFit coach extraordinaire Leah Newton.

 With the first session focusing on the signs our body gives us when something is not quite right, our group of 40 plus participants learned these signs often show themselves in the form of pain but also in less obvious ways such as tightness, stiffness, aches and changes in sleep patterns. In learning how to deal with these signs the participants chatted all things mobility and posture and did some testing on each other to find out areas that they may need to invest a little more time and love into.

 Session two involved a more practical and instructional approach with lots of foam rolling, stretching and a little bit of play, a strong focus on mobility and general movement left everyone feeling stretched (!) and confident to read the signs and know how to deal with them effectively.

 Understanding how to effectively and efficiently maintain your body on a weekly basis through having a specific and purposeful mobility program will mean you are less likely to end up seeing us for a physiotherapy treatment. And when you do need physio (yes, sometimes you do need some physio love) remember we much prefer to see you when little niggles are popping up, rather than three months down the track when an injury has become a much bigger problem than it needs to be.

Will there be another Injury Prevention & Management seminar you ask?! Yes there definitely will be! As this is the kind of information that we feel everyone needs to know (and hearing it more than once always helps too). Leah will run another session within the next six months. So be sure to keep an eye out and block out your calendar.

The big take home from the series? When your body is letting you know that something is not quite right, don’t ignore it, address it quickly and your body will thank you for it!

 To all who came, listened, learned, played, (painfully) rolled and stretched, thank you! We hope that you have a greater understanding on how quality mobility time will get you closer to achieving your goals and we’re sure we will see you for the next series.