Let’s Play Some B I N G O !

Let’s Play Some B I N G O !

If you follow us on social media you may have been wondering what all the Bingo buzz is about.

We love many things here at Verve For Life, a few of which include sweating it out in the gym, blissing it out in yoga, and working that core in pilates. So for the month of November we want to you to try the things we love too!   The aim of Verve Bingo is to 1. get you trying new classes, 2. inspire and refresh your way of thinking, especially (but not exclusively) when it comes to exercise and 3. enhance the Vervie community by bringing you, our fantastic clients together to share your collective experience. 

So want to know how to get involved? It’s not too late… Sign up at reception, grab your card and getting cracking on those classes! Incase you were wondering we’ve listed the rules of play below.

One card per member. Pretty please don’t lose your card!

Have a crazy amount of fun!

Tell us what you think of the classes.

Bingo play starts 1st November, finished 30th November. Your card will need to be stamped between those dates on the way to or from class.

Once your Bingo card is full of stamps you go into the draw to WIN. WE REPEAT, you go into the draw, so each person that completes the challenge has an equal chance to win. (You gotta be in it to win it)

The prize? 3 months FREE on your membership! (One SGPT, one Yoga & one Triple A only) 

You MUST be registered.


Extra points if you run up to the desk and yell BINGO! when your card is full 😉