It’s Thong Season Again!

FYI we are talking about the ones that go on your feet 😉

It’s Thong Season Again!


Coming into the summer months us Australians often make the annual switch from shoes to thongs. Whilst they are cooling, comfortable and feel somewhat luxurious (after a long Winter of shoes and socks), for some people wearing thongs can come at a great cost, the development of heel pain.

Plantar (Latin term for bottom of foot) Fasciitis (facia = Latin for tissue, itis = inflammation) is a painful condition effecting the heel, achilles and inner arch of the foot. 

In our Physiotherapy clinic we see a few main causes

Weak foot and calf muscles

Poor control of the pronating (rolling in) foot. In a nutshell – pronation = good, too much = bad, too little = terrible

Incorrect walking pattern including long strides

Tight hamstrings and calves

Footwear selection – in this case the glorious thongs are not at fault, it is relative inexperience of the user. To suddenly go from a lot of support to none means the tissues in your foot aren’t strong enough and can get inflamed. This unfortunately can lead to Plantar Fasciitis.

No need to despair though, the solution is simple!


Here are a few things you can try.

If you are currently suffering from heel pain, or you seem to get heel pain at this time of year, come in and see one of our Physiotherapists to get a tailored program to help you get back into  your favourite pluggers.

Grab on of our fantastic pairs of orthotic supported and stylish thongs.


Learn to walk on your hands.

The choice is up to you.