Did Someone Say BINGO?

Did Someone Say BINGO?

Knock Knock

Who’s There?

Bee Eye

Bee Eye Who?


So, it is half way though, how are you feeling? Are you feeling fitter? More flexible? Less stressed? How about those of you that have met new friends? Some of you have even bought new outfits to look fabulous in all our rooms!

Lots of you will have accomplished some movements that you probably thought you would never do. We want to hear if you’ve been pleasantly surprised by trying something new in your workout week. 

We’ve heard some of you are feeling amazing & have set new goals for the new year, which is fantastic! If you have not yet got around to it, never fear, be sure to use that complimentary goal setting session to really think about what it is you want, because we are here to HELP YOU GET IT.

There is such a wonderful buzz around the walls of Verve at the moment & we love seeing the yogi’s in the gym and the gymmies in that yoga room. How about those of you that have also tried Namastrong? We love seeing you getting the best of both worlds.

We love the vibe, we love you all, we just have to keep it up for another 2 weeks. Fill your card with that little Verve man to get yourself in the draw to win win win.