Yucky Tummy? Headaches? Fatigue? Read on.

Melissa Gearing - Resident Medical Herbalist at Verve For Life

Melissa Gearing - Resident Medical Herbalist at Verve For Life

It is estimated 95% of people have food intolerance. Could you be one of them? Food intolerance affects your entire life. Feeling bloating, suffering headaches, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms and fatigue are just the start. Symptoms can start to leak into how you train in the gym and hinder weight loss goals.

While calorie restriction is one method of weight loss, not eating enough can also drive inflammation and weight gain. Have you ever restricted your diet or reduced the amount of food you’re eating only to find the number on the scales climb?  What if you took out big attackers like gluten and dairy in hopes of cleaning up your diet and losing a few kilos’s only to find you feel more fatigued and there is still no change to your body?

If you experience some or all of the above symptoms you could have food intolerance. If you have had long term intolerances you likely have adrenal fatigue. What is food intolerance? This is when your body sees a particular food (or a few) as foreign invaders. Symptoms can occur hours or even days after ingestion, so it is very difficult to pin point the specific food. It is easy to address by identifying and eliminating these individual food intolerance culprits.

Go one step further. Yes, we can test for these foods and cut them out but it is important to identify the driving forces behind your symptoms and intolerances. A chicken and an egg situation indeed, but holistic treatment looks at all possibilities including adrenal fatigue, candida, autoimmune disease or leaky gut as players.

When your body is tired, your immune system is tired. While a healthy immune system will clean up after these attacking foods, a compromised immune system, like that experienced in adrenal fatigue, will be unable to do so. The body then reverts to a primitive state in which high stress and fatigue causes it to store everything in case of emergencies, hence the weight gain (and sugar cravings!). When the body is well balanced it will shed excess fat and maintain the body weight that is right for you.

Verve’s Medical Herbalist Melissa Gearing will guide you through the process of identifying your food intolerances, eradicating symptoms and begin the journey of finding natural health and your ideal weight. Isn’t it time you find out what your body is trying to tell you?

Food Detective is a simple test done here at Verve For Life, with results in 45 minutes. Please advise when making your booking if you require testing.