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Verve For Life

Verve for Life is so much more than a gym, a yoga studio, or a place for physiotherapy. It's a community of like-minded people. The genuine passion and energy staff at Verve have for helping others to improve their health and wellbeing, is infectious.

I attend regular yoga classes at Verve and cannot speak highly enough of Claire, Amy, Rachael and Sophie. They live their practice and give so much of themselves in every class. Classes are always conducted in a safe and fun manner and cater to all levels of ability. They are also wonderfully varied. I don't think I have ever done the exact same sequence twice!

All of the yoga instructors go the extra mile to teach not just Asana, but the practice of yoga holistically. I like that Amy sometimes incorporates principles of Ayurveda into our practice and that Claire uses her physiotherapy background to deepen our understanding of Asana.

Attending yoga classes at Verve is changing me in ways I didn't expect. I think I am a better parent, writer - and person - because of it.

I hope all of the staff at Verve realise how much of a difference they make to so many people's lives directly and indirectly-each and every day.

Deb Kelly

I take part in both yoga and small fitness classes at Verve and I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff, they create such a wonderful atmosphere and make Verve a great place to attend. I like the holistic approach they take to health and fitness and I totally enjoy my time at Verve.

Thank You

Judy Morawetz

I began my yoga journey with Claire from Verve for Life some 3 years ago in a small class environment of a handful of people. With the constant sharing of knowledge, motivation and love from Claire and her instructors I have experienced amazing changes in my body and all areas of my life. Yoga does change your life!!

I am blessed to be involved in the journey of continual growth of Verve for Life and its dedication to the health and wellbeing of others.

A heartfelt thank you to the VFL Team and its Establishment of Love

Deb Viner

Claire and Nathan and the Verve team.
Claire thank you for your infectious spiritual energy, humour and laughter that fills the Verve for Life studio. Your patience and perseverance is greatly appreciated by all.

How do you put up with the customary groans from your students when you tell us quote " you are all such a strong group''? Is it that we realise that the immediate journey ahead requires substantial muscle, mind and body movement?

Nathan, Sam, Leah and Fiona thank you for returning Geoff's 6 pack I knew we just misplaced it! What separates Verve from the others is a strong genuine strong commitment to their clients, encouraging us all to make educated informed decisions holistically on ourselves. Namaste

Tanya and Geoff Sawyer

Verve for life has helped to realise my goals and have helped me with a plan to achieve it!!!

Chantelle Hughes

I had always planned to attend a yoga retreat. Since coming to yoga at Verve I experience my 'yoga retreat' at every class I attend. Plus the bonus of new Yogi friends and inspiring instructors.


Toni Isaacs

My yoga journey began at Verve in 2010 and since then I have become stronger, leaner and more flexible with improved mental and physical wellbeing.

Classes are a great mix of fun and hard work with each of the instructors providing support and motivation to help me challenge myself within the scope of my body's limitations.

Yoga has given me a sense of balance in my life that enables me to deal with everyday pressures and I am most grateful to Claire and the team for their inspiration, enthusiasm and continued guidance on my journey.

Julianne McKie

My journey started in September 2011. It was the end of the soccer season and instead of feeling fit I was carrying more weight than I ever had. My wife Joanne was already using Verve's services and suggested I try out their Urban Challenge. I found these sessions so much fun with every week presenting new challenges which saw me kick-start my initial weight loss and down the road to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

As my 'addiction' to fitness was now well and truly firing – I looked for more challenges and found Verve's SGPT was the perfect fit. The guidance and knowledge of the Verve trainers has seen me continually set and exceed goals that I simply never thought possible. In addition the support and camaraderie between the training teams is truly unique and only enhances the Verve experience.

Due to the increased frequency and intensity of my training it was recommended that I include yoga in my training regime. At first I was sceptical as to me yoga was not a "blokey" thing to do. I was surprised at how well my body responded to yoga. Through solid instruction I have seen significant improvements in my training through greater mobility, strength and flexibility and also an overall awareness of my body.

I cannot speak highly enough of the Verve 'family' and what a change they have made to me physically, mentally and to my overall wellbeing.

I would not hesitate to recommend any of Verve's services to anyone. BTW - VERVE ROCKS!

Chad Taggart