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New to Yoga?

Verve For Life is proudly, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie's largest purpose built yoga studio. We now have 2 fully equipped studios, which means you just have to bring yourself along to enjoy the class (however, feel free to bring your mat if you have a favourite).

We pride ourselves on very personal classes where you can get the individual attention you need to be successful and feel comfortable in your yoga practice.

We run several levels of yoga classes ranging from beginner/ foundation level for the totally new participant and those eager to learn more, to a more advanced Level 1 class for those that have greater than 6 months yoga experience. We generally ask our beginners to commence in either the foundation or vinyasa flow classes in order to allow our instructors to fully identify the strengths and limitations of all yoga participants and to enhance the delivery of a safe and effective yoga program. It is then up to the discretion of both the participant and instructor to guide the participant either towards the next level or remain and progress as able.

Why Should I Do Yoga?

The poses build strong legs, increase general vitality and improve circulation, co-ordination and balance ensuring a strong foundation for progression. Each pose is either held for a considerable length of time, allowing the effects to penetrate deep within the body, or flowed through in sequence, to promote familiarity and proficiency through repetition of movement.

Essentially, our beginner yoga program aims to increase your flexibility and core strength, de-stress your life and enjoy greater well being whilst giving you a solid foundation in basic asanas.